Clio GO Accessories

NFC Wristband

Our NFC Fabric Wristbands are super easy to put on your wrist, backpack, or school bag. Offered on a comfortable nylon wristband; this is a stylish way to bring top-notch NFC functionality wherever you need it! These were intended to last through repeated wear, making these wristbands a smart and affordable choice all around!

NFC Key Fob

Our key fobs are waterproof and rugged. Use them as keychains or attach them to your bag. The metal split ring comes pre-attached.

NFC Cable Ties

This GO Pass NFC-embedded, loop-and-lock cable tie can be easily wrapped around and attached to anything, making it a very useful tool for labeling and tracking purposes. With a 30mm-tall tag surface and a total length of 330mm, this tie was made to stand out! Hang it from bags, equipment; or just about anywhere!

NFC Card

The GO Pass NFC card is perfect for any situation requiring a quick and safe entry. NFC cards help reduce long lines at the entrance of factories, manufacturing facilities, schools, and other organizations currently using GO Pass COVID-19 screenings. The lightweight card can be stored in your wallet for easy access.

NFC Keychain Tag

The waterproof, weatherproof GO Pass NFC keychain tag can be conveniently attached to your keys or backpack for easy access. Making this a convenient option for quick and safe entry.

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